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With insight of payroll management, billpay, cash approvals, cash accounting, and an ability to project forward cash flows , will be able to offer lending services to smooth bumps in a company’s progress. In uniform scaling with a non-zero scale factor, all non-zero vectors retain their direction , or all have the direction reversed, depending on the sign of the scaling factor. In non-uniform scaling only the vectors that belong to an eigenspace will retain their direction. A vector that is the sum of two or more non-zero vectors belonging to different eigenspaces will be tilted towards the eigenspace with largest eigenvalue. In the most general sense, a scaling includes the case in which the directions of scaling are not perpendicular. It also includes the case in which one or more scale factors are equal to zero , and the case of one or more negative scale factors (a directional scaling by -1 is equivalent to a reflection). When the scale factor is larger than 1, (uniform or non-uniform) scaling is sometimes also called dilation or enlargement.


This investor behavior might seem naïve to onlookers, but VC funds don’t spend money the same way as an individual does. This means that your intuition might be misleading when you try to judge their behavior. Spending a disproportionate amount of time and money on due diligence on companies who are more than 90% likely to fail anyway doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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More general is scaling with a separate scale factor for each axis direction. Non-uniform scaling is obtained when at least one of the scaling factors is different from the others; a special case is directional scaling or stretching . Non-uniform scaling changes the shape of the object; e.g. a square may change into a rectangle, or into a parallelogram if the sides of the square are not parallel to the scaling axes . It occurs, for example, when a faraway billboard is viewed from an oblique angle, or when the shadow of a flat object falls on a surface that is not parallel to it.


We are excited to partner with Kurt and the rest of the ScaleFactor team on their mission to build the essential financial operating system for SMBs across the country. At the end of the day, Kurt Rathmann explained to Forbes last month, customers were craving a person, rather than a computer to do their accounting.

Taking The Pain Out Of Accounting And Payroll For Small Businesses, Scalefactor Raises $10 Million

Austin-based ScaleFactor said this week that it plans to suspend almost all its operations by late August, with the once fast-growing startup citing the steep economic downturn triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Like with any financial related software, it’s tough to trust the numbers you see without necessarily knowing how they were derived. Sometimes financial accounts disconnect which would mean the numbers are not true anymore. Fortunately the team is quick to let you know, but it’s still up to you to reconnect. Once all the bugs were cleared up we like the integration this software has with QB and another POS system we use called Service Fusion.

  • After their initial failure to automate the bookkeeping process, they tried to pivot to a marketplace for bookkeeping companies and SMEs.
  • The software uses AI to automate accounting, tax, and finance services to save small to medium business owners money and time.
  • With the window that the company has into the operations of small businesses around the country, ScaleFactor can serve as an unimpeachable source of information for small business lenders.
  • This means I have to review QBO at a level of detail which somewhat defeats the time savings purpose of the move to Scale Factor.
  • “We really thought we could automate the entire back office of a small business,” Rathmann said.
  • Once they are up and running they handle all my bookkeeping and accounting, giving me clean, accurate P&Ls every months as well as other insightful reports.

I understand there will be glitches anytime a new software is implemented. However, it seems like trouble shooting is being done in a reactive vs. proactive nature.

Some customers were offered discounts in exchange for a reference; others were signed on without billing information, former sales employees say. At the end of the month, the sales team was told the target had been met. The company celebrated by throwing them a party at an arts and crafts factory in East Austin, where employees took photos with oversized bonus checks. A scale drawing is an accurate drawing of an object done using a scale factor to shrink the original object’s dimensions. If the copy of the actual object is not made to scale, it will look unrealistic, like a little child’s toy. A scale factor in math is the ratio between corresponding measurements of an object and a representation of that object.

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After graduating from TechStars’ Austin accelerator, the company was able to nab $2.5 million in a seed financing round that included TechStars Ventures, NextCoast Ventures, and two Kansas City-based investment firms — Firebrand Ventures and Flyover Capital. “Around the tech stack, accounting and financials were lacking the most,” Rathmann says. So he left his job at KPMG and started ScaleFactor Consulting out of his garage in Austin in 2014. Rathmann, a former KPMG employee, started ScaleFactor after seeing the lack of innovation in the backoffice functions that are really the engine of any small business. After Inflation, and until about 47,000 years after the Big Bang, the dynamics of the early universe were set by radiation . GrowthLabas a Finance-as-a-Service partner so that we can truly enable our customers to make better and more informed business decisions.


The second problem is the interpretation, implementation, and execution of the insights coming out of the data. The software uses AI to automate accounting, tax, and finance services to save small to medium business owners money and time. In June 2020 the fintech startup ScaleFactor announced that it is winding down. The company raised $103M based on the promise that they were going to revolutionize accounting for small and medium businesses by automating their bookkeeping. The definition of scale factor is that it is a number that multiplies times a given quantity to produce a smaller or larger version of the original number. It is the ratio of a drawing, map, model, or blueprint to the actual object or distance. HR tech startups are helping companies manage critical pain points in HR processes such as recruitment, automation, career development, compensation, and benefits management, through a mix of software and services.


Other investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Canaan, Broadhaven Ventures, Firebrand Ventures, Vulcan, Stripes Group, NextPlay Capital, Citi Ventures and Flyover Capital. As a part of the operational changes, ScaleFactor will be returning a portion of this capital back to its investors.

We don’t believe that the bookkeeper, controller, CPA, or CFO is “dead,” rather their job and how they do it is changing. These people are now leveraging technology to solve the data problem and using their freed-up time to focus on the second problem — using data to help guide & coach business owners. ScaleFactor is constantly developing and adapting client dashboards and reporting in the platform, providing versatile data that supports better decision making for our business.

The CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents , partnerships and news mentions to help you see tomorrow’s opportunities, today. ScaleFactor, the Techstars alumnus that’s selling accounting and payroll management software as a service, has raised $10 million in a new round of funding as it looks to scale up its sales and marketing efforts. In the early stages of the Big Bang, most of the energy was in the form of radiation, and that radiation was the dominant influence on the expansion of the universe. Later, with cooling from the expansion the roles of matter and radiation changed and the universe entered a matter-dominated era. Recent results suggest that we have already entered an era dominated by dark energy, but examination of the roles of matter and radiation are most important for understanding the early universe. ScaleFactor, the Techstars alumnus that’s selling accounting and payroll management software as a service, has raised $10 million in a new round of funding as it looks to scale up its sales and marketing efforts.

Scalefactor Announces Suspension Of Operations

It has freed up a lot of our CFO’s time in not doing so much data entries. Her time is now spent more on tracking our budget and keeping a pulse on our KTI’s and P&L’s.

  • If you found an error or out of date information in this article , please let us know.
  • Developer of a SaaS-based finance and accounting software designed to streamline business accounting and financial operations.
  • ScaleFactor’s plan and timeline to restructure the business based on their learnings was “significantly impacted” by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Multiple clients confirmed that they were receiving books full of errors that they had to correct themselves.
  • Occasionally they ping me for clarification but usually only takes 5-10 minutes.
  • I’ll let you decide, but the one thing that’s apparent is that the challenge of interweaving accounting and AI functionalities into one platform that accomplishes tasks that are regularly performed by humans is no easy feat.

ScaleFactor is an Austin, Texas-based SaaS company offering services in bookkeeping and accounting. It had raised $60 million in new funding and said it planned to double its number of employees for 2020, the Statesman previously reported. Earlier this year, however, the startup had begun a revamping of its business model just before the pandemic hit. ScaleFactor, an accounting and finance platform for small businesses, said it laid off half of its 103 employees Tuesday, the majority of whom are in Austin. All were given at least 12 weeks of severance pay as well as healthcare coverage until the end of this year, CEO and founder Kurt Rathmann said in a blog post on the company’s website.

He has over 15 years of analytical experience in industries ranging from health care and transportation logistics to food service and software. Nathan received his MBA in finance and international business administration from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and his B.S. In production and operations management from California State University, Chico. ScaleFactor is on a mission to remove the barriers to financial clarity that every business owner faces.

Why Choose Acuity As Your Scalefactor Alternative

Occasionally they ping me for clarification but usually only takes 5-10 minutes. Graphcore, a UK-based startup that designs processors specifically for artificial intelligence… They wanted a combination of software and live-person support, which was proving to be too much of a challenge to provide at scale. Once a big name invests in such a company, a lot of other investors crowd together because of the simple fear of missing out. Even as doubts about its product emerged, ScaleFactor scored a term sheet for a $60 million funding round at the start of June 2019.

Recent measurements of the change in Hubble constant with time, based on observations of distant supernovae, show this acceleration in expansion rate, indicating the presence of such dark energy. It was then reported that customers started to cancel, while some of them demanded refunds. According to former customers mentioned in the article, ScaleFactor was overpromising and underdelivering, creating erroneous bookkeeping, and being viewed as more of a bookkeeping servicebusiness than a software platform.

The bank reconciliation feature within ScaleFactor allows users to process ACH and paper checks i… Most of these features were supposed to be powered by a combination of artificial intelligence tools and accounting experts. To bolster this effort, ScaleFactor hired The Outsourced Accountant, an offshore firm in the Philippines, to help. But no matter where they worked, the unpredictable technology continued to lead to errors in customers’ books. The cosmological constant is given the symbol Λ, and, considered as a source term in the Einstein field equation, can be viewed as equivalent to a “mass” of empty space, or dark energy. Since this increases with the volume of the universe, the expansion pressure is effectively constant, independent of the scale of the universe, while the other terms decrease with time. Thus, as the density of other forms of matter – dust and radiation – drops to very low concentrations, the cosmological constant (or “dark energy”) term will eventually dominate the energy density of the Universe.