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Noritsu 10’’ Semi Glossy ( 25.4 cm x 100 mtr )

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BOX QTY : 2 Rolls ( 2 x100 mtr )
The right consumable for every image product
Original papers for Noritsu inkjet devices are produced as rolls and sheets exactly according to the “Made in Germany” specifications set in the Noritsu factory.
They are optimally matched to the Noritsu equipment and original inks.
The Nano-porous coating used in Noritsu’s high-quality original papers guarantees exceptional image results and production reliability.
As can be seen in the following table, they are available with glossy, luster (silk matt) and metallic surfaces, as well as with a grid.
The Grid / Portrait papers are mainly used by photographers is available from normal 245 g/m² paper and premium 300 g/m² paper. It is “only” available with a glossy and luster surfaces.
The following overview also provides details of the respective roll widths and lengths as well as a break-down of which papers are suitable for which Noritsu devices.