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Magenta Ink Cartridge For All Noritsu Drylab Machines

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The printing system of current Noritsu inkjet devices works with four ink cartridges only each containing 500 ml.
These dye inks guarantee very natural colour reproduction.
Noritsu’s Dot Size Manipulation (DSM) printing system wherein each single pixel can be changed to five different sizes and the head can variably spray each single drop of ink of these four colours onto paper in one of five sizes, and / or can emit no ink whatsoever, thereby incorporating paper white into the image presentation.
The additional colours “Light Grey”, “Light Magenta” and “Light Cyan” are therefore no longer required without any detrimental effect on the image quality.
Just as with the original papers, the original inks are optimally matched to the printing system of Noritsu devices, providing and edge not just for the image quality, but also for operational reliability.
Thanks to mechanical coding, cartridges cannot be confused when inserting them into the machine. The electronic coding of the cartridges also monitors the fill level and runs additional plausibility checks to ensure reliable functioning of the device. This therefore allows the cartridge to be replaced even during running operation – without interrupting the print job.