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KODAK Max Alkaline Battery K3A-4Piece



Ideal for: Toys, Remote controls, Drones, Toothbrushes, Clocks, Flashlights, Game controllers
8x More power vs. Kodak Zinc
10 year Guarantee* in storage

Chemical system: Alkaline, MnO2 / KOH / Zn

Designations: IEC LR03, ANSI 24A

Nominal Voltage: 1.5V

Nominal Capacity: 1150 mAh at 75 Ohms to 0.8 Volts

Internal Impedance: 0.18 Ohms (typically)

Average Weight: 12 g

Average Volume: 3.8 cm3

Recommended storage temperature: 10 – 25 °C, RH no more than 75%

Operating temperatures: -20 – 54 °C

Reaction: 2 MnO2 + Zn + H2O → 2 MnOOH + ZnO

Terminals: Flat contacts, protruding negative

Jacket: Aluminium label