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Kodak 30” Endura Professional Premier Lustre

Amazing quality. Accurate colors.
Unsurpassed longevity. Exceptional durability.



In today’s fast-paced market, stay current, differentiate your work and gain an edge on your competition. Build on your quality reputation, grow business opportunities, and achieve your clients’ highest expectations. We have what it takes to help you attain your goals.
Award-winning KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper set the gold standard for quality and longevity. Our professional papers deliver vibrant colors, clean whites, rich blacks, and smooth, realistic skin tones that enable you to offer unsurpassed print products that last for generations.
KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA True Photo Papers help you push the boundaries of what you think a professional paper can do. ENDURA Premier features our technological breakthrough, the latest advancement in coupler technology, expanding your ability to offer high-quality images to your clients — professional, compelling prints that accurately preserve their precious memories.
Key Features:
• The flagship product of The True Photo Paper family
• Strong, bright, vibrant colors
• Natural-looking skin tones
• Clean-looking whites, Bold, rich blacks
• Sharp text and graphics